About Me
I am a Freelance Fashion & Print Designer with years of experience working across fashion in design, styling, sales and print design. Creating prints in womenswear I am inspired by art, nature and objects of daily life. I am known for my mixed media approach combining my own photography with hand-drawn elements.
I have been in the fashion industry for years helping brands all over Europe build and sell-out collections through detailed outfit building and print design.
With studies in Germany and England, I graduated with a master’s in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology from HTW-Berlin I graduated in 2018 and have since worked in menswear styling - building outfits and creating prints and new fashion collections. One of my latest work was as a Guest Lecturer for the Make it in Design Team: creating a mixed media womenswear collection using your own creative intuition.
Please get in touch if you have interest in working together. I'd love to hear from you.

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